Gibraltar Supports Recycling – Testimonials

Gibraltar Supports Recycling - Testimonials“We’re committed to reducing further our carbon footprint here in the Convent.  This commitment is evident not only in our participation in Clean up the World and the environmental focus in our Garden Open Days, but also in our ongoing work with and our efforts 365 days of the year to recycle as much as we can – glass, cans, paper, cardboard and so on.  I’m aware that lots of others in Gibraltar are doing likewise, and we’re determined to do our bit as well, says His Excellency the Governor, Sir Adrian Johns.”
The Office of the Governor

“Gedime Motors Ltd. is an environmentally conscious business within the automotive sector.  Disposing of our waste in a responsible manner has always been a concern at our organisation which is accredited with International Standard ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Process.

The service that Ltd. provide falls in line with our responsibilities to reduce our environmental footprint whenever possible.

Thank you Ltd. and wishing you all the best in the development of your environmentally conscious business – Louis Posso from Gedime Motors Ltd.
GEDIME MOTORS LTD. – Mercedes-Benz Importers for Gibraltar

“For the past year, Barclays Wealth Gibraltar has been recycling waste paper, cardboard, batteries and ink cartridges at its Main Street and Regal House offices as part of a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and manage the ways the business impacts on the environment. The project was carried out with the support of Limited.  Franco Cassar, Country Manager of Barclays Wealth, Gibraltar said: ‘Barclays Wealth is committed to taking a responsible approach to the environment and we are delighted to have received the certificate in recognition of our work in this area.”
Barclays Wealth Gibraltar

“The Lloyds Banking Group recognises the global challenge posed by climate change and other environmental issues; and also recognises its responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts of its business operations. The Group is committed to managing its direct environmental impacts in a responsible manner and we are therefore delighted to work with Ltd to achieve this.”
The Lloyds Banking Group

The team at Argus have been recycling their office waste with Ltd since 2007 and are keen to promote environmentally-friendly business practises.

“Since Ltd started their Recycling business a few years ago, Argus have been recycling paper and toner cartridges as their way of contributing in protecting our environment. We have all been amazed at how much paper waste we produce. A frightening impact if we are not recycling it!”
Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited.

“A large school such as ours produces a lot of waste paper. We felt that it had to be recycled. We have been recycling our waste paper with Ltd for over two years now.”
Bayside Comprehensive School

“Not only are Ltd pioneering a much needed and worthy service here in Gibraltar, but they are doing so with a great deal of professionalism and efficiency”
Velay Financial Services Ltd

“ digital entertainment plc’s approach to environmental issues, especially recycling, is an established part of our Corporate and Social Responsibility policy. Ltd has been helping us since December 2007 to be a low impact company in Gibraltar. It is an extremely efficient company, never failing to collect our waste paper, photocopier toners and batteries on time. And Ltd goes the extra mile by updating us about other environmental initiatives in Gibraltar.” digital entertainment plc

“Disposing of our waste in a responsible manner has always been a concern at our organisation. Fortunately we are now able to do this in a way that is both ecological and ethical.”
Gib Oil Ltd

“Being a local printers we find that we have quite a lot of waste paper to dispose off. Since Ltd started they have been helping us by offering their services to us and we are delighted with their collection system. We can now rest assured that we are going through the right means in helping the environment.”
Roca Graphics Team

The College Clinic Ltd is delighted to announce that they have now been recycling their office waste for four years with Ltd.

“With the wonderful service provided by Ltd we are able to, not only, recycle paper and cardboard but also to recycle batteries. The battery recycling facility is very popular with the general public who visit the clinic as they can dispose of their batteries safely by using the Ltd container available to them in our reception area. We are committed to the prevention of waste and to establishing an environmentally friendly workplace and this is an ethical cost effective way of doing so”.
The College Clinic Ltd

“ has found that awareness is growing and employees are very enthusiastic with the companywide recycling campaign to help preserve the environment.”

Dear team,
Thanks so much for your immense contribution during 2009, it is great to have a local company proactively supporting the charity in this way. The computers have been such a bonus; the Cadets and Adults groups now have their own computers and printers which is really helping with their progress in training. We have also been able to use the others in the offices, updating our old systems which were previously unreliable. Additionally, Ltd have also donated several other large items throughout the year, all enabling us to continue our progress with developing our groups.

Many thanks!! We all hope that you continue to grow and grow in the coming year!!
St Johns Ambulance Cadets

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