Battery Recycling

Battery offers cost-effective and safe battery recycling and disposal for businesses and organisations all around Gibraltar.  Whether you have AAA batteries, AA, C, or D batteries, mobile phone batteries, hearing aid or car batteries, we have an environmentally friendly solution for you!

Why should we recycle our waste batteries?

Batteries contain toxic heavy metals including nickel cadmium, mercury, nickel metal hydride and lead acid.  These elements can seriously threaten our environment, especially if not disposed of safely and/or recycled.  Lead-acid batteries for example, are recycled by pounding them, neutralizing the acid, and separating the polymers from the lead. The recovered materials are used in a variety of applications, including new batteries.

The European Union has introduced a law that made the recycling of batteries obligatory in 2008.  The directive bans most batteries with more than a trace of Cadmium or Mercury.  The directive also calls for collection points to be established where consumers can hand in used batteries – including those from toys, computers or mobile phones.

Our Services

Businesses wishing to become public battery collection points in Gibraltar can contact us at for more details.  We can provide you with Battery Recycling bins for the collection of waste batteries.  Your staff and/or clients can deposit their waste batteries in these bins and we will take care of everything else!

We provide our clients with Certificates of Recycling as confirmation that the waste batteries have been recycled in accordance with EU Environmental Regulations by an authorised EU-Regulated Recycling Plant.  Email info@recycle.gior call us on +350 54012638 for more information on how to recycle your batteries.

You can download the Battery Recycling Poster here!

To learn how you can start recycling your waste contact us today by calling us on +350 54012638 or email us at