Printer Cartridge Recycling offers cost-effective and safe Ink Cartridge and Ink Toner recycling for businesses and organisations all around Gibraltar.  We accept all kinds of ink cartridges and ink toners including the lesser known brands.

Why should we recycle our Empty Ink Cartridges?
  • The number of ink cartridges ending up in landfills around the world increases by more than 10% annually.
  • A brand new laser cartridge requires 3/4 of a gallon of oil to be produced.
  • Discarded cartridges still have small amounts of ink in them which can leak into the ground, contaminating soil, ground water and surface water.
  • Lets start recycling our ink toners and cartridges and Reduce Gibraltar’s Carbon Footprint! can provide your business with eco-friendly bins for the collection of waste ink cartridges.

We provide our clients with Certificates of Recycling as confirmation that the waste ink cartridges have been recycled in accordance with EU Regulations by an authorised EU-Regulated Recycling Plant.

To learn how you can start recycling your waste contact us today by calling us on +350 54012638 or email us at – Providing Businesses in Gibraltar with the Most Comprehensive and Environmentally Sound Recycling Solutions.